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India’s No. 1 Amla Reetha Shikakai Shampoo (Powder)

Are you suffering from hair problems? Are your hair giving you dull, rough & dry appearance? Now you have a natural & chemical free solution for all the hair problems. The Havintha Amla Reetha Shikakai Shampoo (powder).

 The Amla Reetha Shikakai is not only a natural gentle hair cleanser but it can be applied as a hair mask as well. Scroll down to know all about Havintha Amla Reetha Shikakai Shampoo.

Highlights –

> The Types of Hair related problems

> What is Amla Reetha Shikakai Shampoo?

> How to use Amla Reetha Shikakai Shampoo?

> Does Amla Reetha Shikakai have any side effects?

> How often should you use Amla Reetha Shikakai shampoo?

> How long does Amla Reetha Shikakai take to make hair healthier & shinier?

> Is Amla Reetha Shikakai shampoo safe during pregnancy?

The Types of Hair related problems

Now a day’s almost every person of any age is suffering from different kinds of hair problems. The most common of them is hair fall. Due to lack of nutrition and sleep, use of harmful chemicals & pollution, hair are becoming unhealthier & dull.

Except this dandruff, dryness, hair breakage & split ends are other hair related problems. All you need to prevent your hair from this, Amla Reetha Shikakai shampoo would be a smart choice.

What is Amla Reetha Shikakai Shampoo?

Havintha is a company which proudly & strictly follows nature and provides only fully natural  herbal products. It has formed in a powdered shampoo with a combination of pure extracts of Amla (Indian gooseberry), Reetha (Sapindus mukorossi) and Shikakai (Acacia concinna). These herbs are proven ancient ayurvedic Indian herbs to maintain hair health naturally.

Amla – A rich source of vitamin C and calcium, that strengthens hair follicles ,reduces hair fall & thinning  and promotes healthier hair growth.

Reetha – It hydrates the scalp and makes hair shiny. It removes dandruff and roughness of hair.

Shikakai – It makes hair soft and shiny, heals dry scalp, boosts hair growth, repairs graying of hair & treats itchy scalp.

How to use Amla Reetha Shikakai Shampoo?

Simply take needful quantity of the Amla Reetha Shikakai Powder as per your hair length in a bowl. Mix some warm water to form a paste. Keep the paste in the bowl for minimum 15 minutes (and for a night if you can). After that gently massage this paste on your properly wet hair & scalp. Massage it gently to the roots of the hair for 3  to 5 minutes and then rinse  of your hair thoroughly with plenty of water.

As a hair wash you just have to make the paste a bit thicker and after applying it over head, You have to keeps it for 30 minutes before washing.

Does Amla Reetha Shikakai have any side effects?

Havintha Amla Reetha Shikakai shampoo is 100% natural, herbal, chemical ,paraben free product. That is why it is in a naturally powdered form. Since it has no preservatives, it does not foam too much as ordinary modified liquid shampoos. Havintha proudly proclaims the natural purity of the product. It has no side effects at all. (Just prevent your eyes from the shampoo while applying & washing).

How often should you use Amla Reetha Shikakai Shampoo?

The Amla Reetha Shikakai is fully natural product, so you can even use it every day. But if you have long hair & shortage of time, then you should use it atleast twice a week. It will keep your hair naturally soft & healthy.

How long does it take Amla Reetha Shikakai Shampoo to make hair healthier & shinier?

A consistent usage of Amla Reetha Shikakai shampoo will take a few weeks to make your hair fall arrested & new hair to regrow. It’s a natural process, when you start using the product, the unhealthy hair leaves the roots and then the new & healthy hair starts coming out of the follicles. The product and process both are natural so be patient & be consistent. By the time your will definitely see the difference.

Is Amla Reetha Shikakai Shampoo safe during pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to use Amla Reetha Shikakai during pregnancy. Since it is not to be consumed by month it will not interfere with the health.

The Last Word

Havintha Amla Reetha Shikakai Shampoo naturally cleanses your hair & scalp and allows the blocked roots to reopen. The natural properties of Amla Reetha Shikakai  gets your hair rid of dryness, dullness, breakage, roughness, split ends, hair fall, dandruff and a lot more hair problems. Now you can give your hair a complete care at home without chemicals & without side effects.

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