Havintha Bael Fruit Powder | Improve and Boost Your Metabolism – 227 Grams


  • 100% Natural and Pure: Bael fruit powder with No Preservatives, Free from Chemicals.
  • Good For Blood Purification: Bel powder is powerful blood purifying agent and helps in the elimination of toxins from the system.
  • For A Youthful Looking Skin: Bael fruit is known to heal acne and skin related issues.
  • For Hair: Mix some of the bael fruit extracts with coconut oil and almond oil and then apply this mixture on your hair and scalp.
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                                             SOME BENEFITS OF BAEL POWDER



CAN CURE DIARRHOEA , CHOLERA , HAEMORRHOIDS , VITILIGO : the presence of tannin in the bael fruit helps in curing diseases like DIARRHOEA and CHOLERA. it also used to treat anaemia, ear and eye disorders. in ancient days, the dried powder of raw bael mixed with turmeric and ghee was applied on fractured bones to treat fracture.



REDUCE GASTRIC ULCERS: bael has certain phenolic compounds containing anti-oxidants that help in fighting gastric ulcers,particullarly , gastroduodenal ulcers. this type of ulcer is caused due to the imbalance in the acidic level in the stomach.



ANTIMICROBIAL PROPERTY: Reasearches have proved that the ael fruit has antimicroial functions. it also has anti viral and antifungal properties that help in treating various infections in the body.



CAN CURE SCURVY: Scurvy disease is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin C and this effects the blood vessels. ael being a rich source of vitamins is capable of curing this disease when added to the diet.



CAN CONTROL CHOLESTEROL: The extract of bael leaf can be used to control the cholesterol level in blood which makes the bael leaves highly therapeutic too.



CAN SOLVE RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: the bael can be used to cure respiratory disorders like asthma or cold. this can also provide resistance to cold when applied on the scalp before a head bath.



ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Inflammation can be quickly cured when the extract of ael is applied on the inflamed region.



CAN BE USED TO TREAT HEART DISEASES: Bael fruit is said to be the best natural medicine to cure constipation. consuming it regularly removes toxins from the intestines.




CAN CONTROL DIABETES: Bael is rich in laxatives which makes it useful in controlling the blood sugar levels. this is because it energizes the pancreas and makes it produce enough amount of insulin which is necessary to control sugar level in blood.



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