Havintha kalonji powder for managing sugar levels hair growth split ends skin health – 227 grams


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kalonji, also known as Nigella sativa , black seed, and black cumin, is a flowering plant native to southern europe, north africa, and southwest asia.

Its seeds have long been used in herbal medicine to treat a variety of diseases and conditions ranging from diabetes to arthritis.

Recently this herb gained a lots of popularity because of its weight loss benefits. kalonji seeds and oil contain active compounds that have demonstrated a wide range of therapeutic benefits including weight loss.


                                 SOME BENEFITS OF KALONJI


INCREASES MEMORY AND ALLEVIATES ASTHMA: Kalonji seeds with little honey is to known to boost memory. if this  powder is mixed with warm water , it helps in alleviating breathing trouble (asthma included) in children and adults alike.


GET RID OF HEADACHES: One of the most common urban problems in today’s time is headaches. instead of popping a pill use kalonji to decrease headache.


AIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS: The warm water, honey and lemon combination is often recommended for those who are on a diet. now add a pinch of kalonji seeds power and see how it works . many health enthusiasts have claimed that kalonji seeds powder is a miracle ingredient which helps in shedding extra fat.


MAY LOWER CHOLESTEROL: Cholesterol is a fat-like substance found throughout your body. several studies have found that supplementing with kalonji could help reduce both” bad” and LDL Cholesterol.


COULD HAVE CANCER FIGHTING PROPERTIES: Kalonji is high in antioxidants, which help neutralize harmful free radicals that may contribute to the development of diseases like cancer. test-tube studies have shown that kaloji and its components may exhibit anti-cancer effects.


CAN HELP KILL OFF BACTERIA: Disease causing bacteria are responsible for a long list of dangerous infections, ranging from ear infections to pneumonia. both test-tube and human studies have found that kalonji may e effective against several types of bacterial infections.


CAN AID IN BLOOD SUGAR REGULATION: Studies show that supplementing with kalonji may decrease blood sugar level.


COULD HELP PROTECT THE LIVER: Animal studies have found that kalonji could protect the liver from injury and damage.



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