Havintha Natural Brahmi Powder for hair growth and Scalp Treatment


  • Brahmi has been used in India for many centuries as a herb that Promotes Hair Growth and Reduces Hairfall. Modern research has confirmed that Brahmi Promotes Micro-circulation in the Hair Follicles. This helps in strengthening Hair Follicles and Provides Nutrition required for Hair Growth.
  • The antioxidants found in Brahmi are a beneficial and essential part of natural hair care treatment for alopecia, baldness and hair loss prevention. Natural hair growth powders such as bhringraj, amla, shikakai, reetha, aloe vera and neem can be added to brahmi hair mask
  • SPLIT ENDS REPAIR/SCALP TREATMENT: brahmi protects hair follicles, reduces breakage and split ends, eliminates itching scalp and dandruff making hair healthy and thick. Brahmi fine powder can be infused in coconut or sesame oil to make brahmi oil which can be massaged into dry scalp
  • strengthening and thickening thinning, fine, flyaway, damaged hair reducing hair fall and adding needed volume
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Ayurveda  is  known  to  treats  various  diseases from centuries  and  continues  to  do  so. It balances   various systems in our body through herbal treatment. One such unique herb is Brahmi.

It is regarded as a brain booster. Brahmi  is  a  small  succulent  herb  with  numerous  branches, rooting  at  the  nodes , found  at  elevations  from  sea  level  to  altitudes  of  4400  feet. It grows naturally   in wet soil, shallow water.



REDUCES  STRESS :  It  reduces  stress  and  anxiety  as  it  decreases  the  levels  of  cortisol   ,  which  is  known  as  the  stress  hormone.

RE-BUILDS   BRAIN  TISSUE :  It  helps  to  ease  the  symptoms  of  Alzheimer’s  disease  .it  contains  the  bio-chemical  known  as   Bascosides   which  helps  in  rebuilding  brain  tissues  by  influencing  the  brain  cells.

DESTROYS  CANCER  CELLS :  Brahmi  is  full  of  antioxidants  that  are  essential  for  living  a  healthy  life .Antioxidants   help  in  removing  free  radicals   that  can  further  mutate  into  cancer  cells.

IMPROVES  IMMUNE  SYSTEM:  Regular  consumption  of  brahmi  helps  in  strengthening  your  immune  system  .

FIGHT  AGAINST  ARTHRITIS : Brahmi  can  be  great  remedy  that  provides  relief  from  arthritis , gout  and  other  inflammatory  conditions  . It also treats irritable bowel syndrome.

GOOD  FOR  HAIR  : Brahmi  is  good  for  treating  hair  problems  like  dandruff, itchiness and  formation  of  split  ends.

 SEIZURE  DISORDER ( EPILEPSY ):  Taking  bacopa  extract  for  5  months  might  prevent  seizures  in  some  people  with  epilepsy.

 ATTENTION   DEFICIT  – HYPERACTIVITY  DISORDER : Taking  bacopa  for  5 to  6  months  seems  to  improve  ADHD  symptoms  like  restlessness  etc.



TITLE: Organic  brahmi  powder.

BOTANICAL  NAME : Bacopa   monnieri.

DESCRIPTION:  Brahmi  powder  means  the  powder  obtained  by  grinding  leaves  of  Bacopa  Monnieri.

PESTICIDES : Free  from  chemicals  and  pesticides.

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